Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why do I need a business development partner?

The more I thought about the concept of a business development partner, the more intrigued I became on the positive impact it can have.
I've been researching it profoundly and again my idea that there's this 'gap', this 'need' for a business development partner got confirmed.
Yes ofcourse I know there are already a lot of area specialised people for hire.
Yes, there are marketing professionals you can hire and team up with in order to enhance your marketing achievements. And yes, I encourage you to do so.
Yes, there are financial experts you can hire and team up with in order to enhance your financial situation and accountancy experts to master your financial bilans. And yes, I encourage you to  do so.
Yes, there are sales professionals you can hire in order to hunt new clients, foster existing clients and grow your sales. And yes, I encourage you to do so.
Yes, there are project consultants and experts in production process improvement. And if you lack leadership in these area's in your human resources, I encourage you to hire the best of these.

"Then why on earth would I need a 'business development partner'?" you might ask.
You must realise that in MY vision of what a 'business development partner' can be to you, can mean for you and your business, and can achieve with you, well, it's fabulous!
Specialists for one area tend to work at their area of expertise only, their 'island'.
The first and foremost function of a business development partner is to engage you in creating a solid business structure that removes the island culture and establishes a unified company that works unified and in senergy.
To you, it will either respresent THE most puissant source of leverage for your success that you may ever tap into, OR the biggest waste and frustration.

Because - again, in MY vision - you should be:
... completely open-minded,
... meaningful hungry for more, to be different, to act faster, to be better,
... eager to better see how different directions, powers and actions, affect tangible performance results.

You have to be willing to openly discuss whatever is on your mind and you have to  allow me to take that conversation wherever it goes.
You could experience coversations that go in a way that doesn't feel comfortable to you, that are unimagined, that are provocative, even shocking, and sometimes comforting.
Think "tough love."
Think "bare truth."

And above all, you must be willing to take massive action.

Said diferently, having me as your business development partner, means opening your mind, your intellect and your heart, your emotions, to immerse yourself in a new type of conversation that you very probably don't expect or haven't ever thought about before.
I believe that those enterpreneurial people who can relate to the above requirements, will grow and evolve multidimentional.
Their business can take off like a rocket.
But the wrong person will be clogged, embarrased, irate, choleric, mad, thwart and topsy-turvy.
So for people that are narrow minded and who's ideas are fixed as concrete, it's not a good idea.
Nor is it advised for someone who thinks that some tactical idea will solve ALL the business and personal problems.

THIS dynamic of engaging in a business development partnership is fluent, strategic and interactive.
It's, well - it's unlike anything else.
It can't be put in a box.
It doesn't let itself categorize in the existing.

Via this fluent, strategic and interactive concept I'm confident that you'll have the opportunity to learn how to live a more fulfilling life, amplify your profits and enjoy expand your business or professional practice.

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